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The Variety List
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The Variety List!

Some people will be disappointed there are no descriptions or photos.  Keep in mind this posting is a Coronavirus imperative, not a long-planned launch.  If you can see this list, you can find a lot of info on Google, and some of it is accurate.  The plants are beautiful.  We'll do our very best to serve you. 

At this point there is no order form.  If you list a quantity and variety and a desired ready date, we'll send an acknowledgement with extended prices and suggested logistics. In addition to your want list, we'll need your physical address and best phone number. 

We need 48 hours or more lead time to get orders ready.  Out-of-state logistics may take longer.  Please use the Contact Us page to be in touch.  

Thank you!

Nils Sundquist


Guide to pot sizes 

     4”, deep 4”and bands   fit 18 per rectangular flat  or 25 per square  flat         4x5 pot  fit 16 per square flat             #1 pot  fit 8 per flat.  Quantity per flat is for pot size reference - not an order minimum 

     #2, #3, #5, etc = trade standard “gallon” equivalent sizes (not actual volume)   

Many will be cut back during the winter, and may not re-grow until spring.   Our plants are hardened off – we don’t force them.    


Choice Trees & Shrubs

Acer circinatum  #2  4’+    25.00

Acer circinatum  8’+  available at nursery

      #10 double  60.00     #15 triple  75.00 

Azalea Irene Koster #2   25.00     

Azara microphylla #5  25.00 ltd

Clethra Sixteen Candles #5  25.00       

Cornus  Kelseyi  #5  25.00   

Disanthus cercidifolius #10  6’   75.00

Fothergilla gardenii #3  25.00     Mt Airy #3  25.00

Fuchsia #1  12.00    Mrs WP Wood        Senorita          

Hydrangea   25.00   involucrata #4      Mariesii  #5   

  quercifolia some ltd

             #5 25.00  Amethyst    Snow Queen 

Lonicera pileata #4   22.50

Nandina Gulf Stream #5   27.50

Ribes sanguineum   named forms 25.00    #3 King Edward VII

  #5 Hanneman’s White     Pokey’s Pink     Pulsborough Scarlet

Rosa  #2  15.00   glauca  ltd       nutkana       pisocarpa   

                   rugosa             rugosa Alba 16.50

Spiraea Magic Carpet   #2 15.00     #5  25.00                             

             White Gold #2  15.00     thunbergii Ogon #5  25.00

Vaccinium nummularia #2  24.50



Asarum 4x5  10.00   europaeum         splendens 

Beesia deltophylla  #1  15.00

Cardamine trifolia  deep 4”  5.00

Epimediums @ 40+varieties toward end of list 

Geranium 10.00  cantabrigiense Biokovo        sanguineum   

                 12.00   sang. Striatum            sang. Max Frei

Geranium macrorrhizum  10.00 Bevans    

                  12.00   album       Czakor       White Ness

Maianthemum dilatatum  4x5  8.00     full flat 16 @ 6.50 ea

Oxalis oregana #1 9.75

            oregana Wintergreen aka Elfi’s Pink  deep 4” 6.00    

Sedum     4x5 pot  5.00 Moonglow   

                              6.00    Lime Zinger       Plum Dazzler    


Natural Garden Spring Bloomers

 deep 4” 9.00  unl noted

Anemonella thalictroides

Dodecatheon  hendersonii

Trillium  are up!   From seed or spared from development & nursery grown 

               catesbaei ltd    erectum ltd    grandiflorum     luteum     sessile     

Anemone x lipsiensis 4x5 10.00

Camassia quamash    8.00     

Camassia 4x5  pot     leichtlinii 10.00   


NW Natives   (see also the fern list below)

Acer circinatum  #2  4’+    25.00

Acer circinatum  8’+  available at nursery

      #10 double  60.00     #15 triple  75.00  

Camassia leichtlinii 4x5  10.00     quamash deep 4” 8.00

Carex obnupta  9.00 

Darmera peltata #2 18.00     peltata nana 8x8 pot  18.00

Erythronium  Pagoda 4x5 9.75  ltd          

Larix occidentale #2 25.00

Mahonia #1  aquifolium  12.00      

Maianthemum dilatatum  4x5  8.00     full flat 16 @ 6.50 ea

Oxalis oregana #1  9.75

Oxalis oregana Wintergreen aka Elfi’s Pink  deep 4” 6.00    

Philadelphus lewisii #2  25.00

Potentilla fruticosa #2 15.00

Ribes sanguineum #5 24.00  - see entry at left for named forms

Rosa #2  15.00   nutkana      pisocarpa

Scirpus microcarpus #1 10.00

Smilacina racemosa #1  15.00 

Symphoricarpos alba   #2  16.50 

Vaccinium ovatum  #2  23.75       #5  34.50

Vaccinium ovatum Ovation  #2 24.75




* denotes Evergreen plants!    

#2 pot  Jumbo Instant Ferns 22.50   unless noted 


*Rochford holly Cyrtomium falcatum selection     

*Japanese holly  Cyrtomium fortunei intermedia     

 *Japanese holly  Cyrtomium fortunei intermedia  #5 pot  25.00  

Jumbo Ostrich  M. struthiopteris form

 *Sword Polystichum munitum  15.00

*Tassel  P. polyblepharum

*Divisilobum P setiferum selection    


Big Bang Ferns  best selection in the West!

#1 pot or other sizes as noted    12.00  or as noted      


Native Maidenhair Adiantum pedatum aleuticum  

Dwf Native Maidenhair A aleuticum Imbricatum  15.00

*Tracy’s Pacific Maidenhair A x tracyi  

*Mairis Maidenhair A x Mairisii 

*Himalayan Maidenhair  Adiantum venustum

*Hart’s Tongue Asplenium (Phyllitis) scolpendrium 

*Sawblade Hart’s Tongue  A scolopendrium  form 

*Crested Hart’s Tongue A scolopendrium form 

*Maidenhair spleenwort  A trichomanes     band pot 10.00

Lady Athyrium filix-femina  

Beaded /Tatting  A f-f Frizelliae

Lady in Red A f-f   red stem selection 

Dwarf Lady  A f-f Minutissima    bulletproof & fits anywhere

Painted A niponicum Pictum

Applecourt Crested Painted  A. n. Pictum selection

Godzilla  A. n. Pictum selection

Pearly White A. n. Pictum selection

Regal Red Painted A. n. Pictum selection

Branford Rambler  Athyrium hybrid   accepts sun  

Victoria Athyrium hybrid    

*Blechnum chilense Chilean palm  #2  35.00  most rare!

*Blechnum penna marina 4x5 pot 9.00  

Silver Wave  Cheilanthes (Astrolepis) sinuata  band pot 9.00

Zebra Conniogramme omeiensis 16.50

*Fishtail holly Cyrtomium caryotideum 

*Rochford holly  Cyrtomium falcatum Rochfordianum 

*Japanese holly  Cyrtomium fortunei intermedia   

*Angustata crispa Dryopteris affinis selection 

*Crispa gracilis Dryopteris aff dwarf selection 4x5  pot  9.00

*Dadd’s Crested D.a. Polydactyla form

*Shuttlecock  D.a. Pinderi  

*The King D. affinis Cristata select form

*Shield  D austriaca    

*Champion’s Wood  D championii   

*Jimmy Dyce  D. dilatata selection

*Brilliance Autumn  D. erythrosora selection

*Native Northwest Wood D. expansa

*Barnes male Dry. filix-mas  selection    

*Cristata Jackson  Dry filix-mas intricately crested  

*Cristata Martindale  D f-m compact crested    

*Grandiceps Dry. filix-mas  large crested

*Parsley D. f-m selection   hardy crinkled & crested 

*Beautiful Wood  D. pulcherrimum

*Japanese Wood D. pycnopteroides

*Palm  D. sieboldii  15.00

Tokyo Wood D. tokyoensis

*Wallich D wallichiana   

*Robust D x complexa selection

Jumbo Ostrich  M. struthiopteris form

Royal  Osmunda regalis 

Purplestem Royal O regalis Purpurascens

Cinnamon  Osmundastrum cinnamomum

*Scouler’s Native Polypodium scouleri  4x5 pot 9.00

*English Wall P vulgare 4x5 pot  9.00

* Hard Shield  Polystichum  aculeatum

*Makinoi Holly P makinoi  

*Sword P. munitum         

*Shiny Holly aka Asian Saber  P. neolobatum

*Tassel  P. polyblepharum   

*Bevis Polystichum setiferum selection

*Congesta  Polystichum setiferum dwarf selection

*Dahlem Compact  P setiferum selection

*Divisilobum P setiferum selection

*Herrenhausen  P setiferum selection   

*Korean  Rock P. tsus-simense

*Dyce Holly P. x Dycei   

Giant Spikemoss Selaginella braunii  4x5 pot

*Oriental Chain  Woodwardia orientalis


PERENNIALS!       # 1  12.00 unless noted      HOSTAS on pg 4   


Agapanthus  16.00     Blue Yonder       Brilliant Blue    

    Little White      Midnight Blue      Stevie’s Wonder       Summer Skies

Alchemilla  erythropoda  4x5  8.00      

Amsonia .15.00  Blue Ice    hubrichtii         Stormcloud 18.00

Anemone x lipsiensis 4x5 10.00

Anemone  Andrea Atkinson      Honorine Jobert      Prince Henry

  Pretty Lady Diana       Pretty Lady Maria       Whirlwind

Anemone  ltd  15.00  Dreaming Swan       RuffledSwan      Wild Swan

                    nemorosa deep 4”  8.00     nemorosa Robinsoniana (blue) deep 4”  9.00   

Aralia Sun King  15.00                        

Aruncus      aesthusifolius        Misty Lace 

Asarum 4x5 pot 10.00     europaea ltd     splendens

Aster   divaricata      divaricata Eastern Star  compact form  

                       lateriflorus  Lady in Black   

Astilbe some ltd      Cattleya      chinensis Pumila          

  Fanal     Rhineland      Hennie Graafland       Peach Blossom   

  Visions     Perkeo 4x5 pot  9.00              Chocolate Shogun 15.00          

  Cappucchino     Delft Lace    Sprite

                  Purple Candles        Snowsprite       taq Superba

Astilboides tabularis  8”pot  18.00

Astrantia 15.00   Abbey  Road     Rosea             17.00  Sunningdale Gold        

Baptisia australis          also  Moonlight             

Beesia deltophylla 15.00     

Bletilla  4x5 pot       yokohama Kate    

Brunnera   15.00  Alexander’s Great    Jack Frost      Sea Heart      

                       Silver Heart        Sterling Silver              Diane’s Gold      

                       Hadspen Cream                        macrophylla (greenleaf) 12.00   

Camassia quamash  deep 4” 8.00               leichtlimii 4x5  10.00      

Campanula      Dickson’s Gold                               

Cardamine  trifolia deep 4” 5.00        

Chelone Tiny Tortuga 

Cimicifuga  18.00 exc noted      Brunette          Chocoholic       

  Hillside Black Beauty        japonica Cheju-du       simplex The Pearl 

  Pink Spike 20.00      

Convallaria  majalis  4x5  9.00                

Crocosmia  #1    Solfatare      Tai Pan           

   4x5 pot 10.00      Citronella     Honey Angels      Mini Star

                                   Okavagango      Prince of Orange

Darmera peltata #2 18.00     peltata nana 8x8 pot  18.00

Dierama pulcherrimum  15.00        

Disporum Night Heron 15.00     

EPIMEDIUM  50+  varieties,  full list at end  

Erigeron Profusion  4x5  8.00         Lynnhaven Carpet  #1 15.00 


     15.00   Big Blue    bourgatii     Sapphire Blue     yuccifiolium

Erythronium  Pagoda 4x5 9.75  

Eucomis    Meguru     Tugela Jade      15.00  Sparkling Burgundy    

Eupatorium Chocolate               Red Dwarf #2  15.00

Filipendula   palmata Aurea       palmata Variegata  16.50

                           15.00  Red Umbrellas                      

Fuchsias - hardy  see shrubs pg. 1        

Geranium  Baby Blue         

     15.00   Ann Folkard       Azure Rush            Boom Chocolatta

                   Blue Sunrise       Derrick Cook         Rozanne

Geranium 12.00 cantabrigienseBiokovo        Johnson’s Blue

Geranium macrorrhizum       10.00   Bevans     Ingwersen’s

                   12.00  album        Czakor          White Ness                        

Ger. sanguineum 10.00 NH Purple    

                               Striatum  12.00    sang Max Frei  12.00

Gunnera manicata #2  25.00      

Helenium  some ltd 15.00   Chelsey    Fuego    Siesta    Ranchero    Salsa

Helleborus    12.00       argutifolius/corsicus         foetidus

Helleborus  15.00    Blue Lady          x Sternii                 

             Winter Jewels Hellebores   Apricot Blush     Black Diamond    

             Golden Sunrise    Ruby Wine    White Pearl   

  20.00  Winter Jewels double flowered   some ltd   Amber Gem  

     Harlequin Gem        Rose Quartz        Sparkling Diamond             

Hemerocallis  12.00  Catherine Woodbury    Hyperion     Pardon Me

    Happy Returns      Chicago Apache     lilioasphodelus (flava)      

    Siloam Pink Glow     Steeple Jackie              Hyperion Elite 15.00    

Heuchera 12.00     Amber Lady    Green Spice       15.00  Black Pearl    

HOSTA – list follows Perennials -  nicest  available  - fabulous selection! 

Hydrophyllum tenuipes  Edelweiss Variegated  4x5 pot 10.00  

Iris12.00  ensata  White Ladies       

                      sibirica  Contrast in Styles    Pink Parfait    Swans in Flight

          15.00 versicolor   Dark Aura     Gerald Darby     

Kiringeshoma     15.00     koreana         palmata   

Lewisia 4x5  9.00    Little Peach     Sunset

Maianthemum dilatatum  4x5 8.00

Monarda Bee Happy          

Nepeta  6 Hills Giant     Walker’s Low 

Oxalis oregana   #1  9.75

           oregana Wintergreen aka Elfi’s Pink deep 4” 6.00    

Pachyphragma macrophyllum 15.00 

Paeonia heirloom  single-flowered   White Wings   #2  20.00 

Persicaria   15.00 amplexicaulis     

      Fire Dance      Firetail      Inverleith      JS Caliente     Orangefield         

      Rosea       Summerdance       Taurus        Golden Arrows  16.50                         

Phlox   12.00 David       Shortwood   

                           Jeanna        Rose Bouquet      Wanda    

Podophyllum    peltata 15.00  

Polygonatum   15.00 commut.      falc Variegatum      multiflorum  

                               16.50   hirtum      Striatum  

Primula 4x5 pots 9.00  ltd   bulleesiana (our own famous color blend)        florindae (ltd)      japonica        japonica Rosea     

  deep 4” 6.00   Jay Jay     Perle von Bottrop    sieboldii Late Snow 8.00

Pulmonaria   Diana Claire 12.00     

Pycnanthemum muticum 15.00

Rodgersia  15.00   aesculifolia Rubrifolia      henrici      pin. Elegans    

 pin. Superba   podophylla  Braunlaub   pod  Braunlaub  sambucifolia

                       17.50   Bloody Mary     Chocolate Wings    

Rudbeckia Goldsturm            

Salvia argentea         officinalis Berggarten  ltd     

Sarracenia 15.00   Bug Bat     Dana’s Delight     Fat Chance

Sedum4x5 pot  5.00  Blue Spruce     Dragon’s Blood      Moonglow      

Sedum Sunsparkler 4x5pots 6.00  some ltd   Dazzleberry        

  Firecracker    Lime Zinger    Plum Dazzler    Wildfire       

Sedum  #1  Thundercloud   12.00      

Smilacina racemosa 15.00      Soldanella maxima deep 4” 8.00 

Solidago Solar Cascade   12.00  

Stachys Hummello   12.00

Thalictrum delavayi    15.00    Hewitt’s Double     Splendide White 


Trticyrtis 15.00  Amethyst       Empress       Hatatogisa      Seiryu

                   16.00  Autumn Glow

Uvularia grandiflora 4x5 10.00     

Veronica Perfectly Picasso 12.00

Veronicastrum   15.00     Adoration     Temptation     virginicum

Zantedeschia  hardy  Z. aethiopica selections  15.00      

     Hercules      Little Gem     Pink  Mist     Whipped Cream     White Giant         




HOSTAS Guaranteed  no Virus X   #1 pot  15.00  unless noted    Grown longer to be biggest & best available

See the difference! – photos at      http://www.sqnursery.com/hostas.html


Abiqua Moonbeam

Autumn Frost 16.00

Big Mama

Blue Angel

Blue Dimples

Blue Mammoth  

Blue Wedgewood 12.00              

Captain Kirk 16.00

Clifford’s Stingray

Cool as a Cuc.  ltd

Earth Angel

Elegans  12.00

Elvis Lives

Fortunei Aureomarginata   12.00

Firn Line 16.00

First Frost

Fragrant Blue

Fragrant Dream

Frances Williams 12.00‘

Gold Standard  12.00

Great Arrival

Great Expectations


Hadspen Blue

Halcyon 12.00


Ivory Queen   

June Fever 16.00

Jurassic Park 16.00

KingSize 18.00

Lakeside Paisley Print   16.00


Montana Aureomarginata.

Morning Star

Northern Exposure

Northern Halo

Orange Marmalade 16.00


Pineapple Upsidedown  Cake 

Red October

Regal Splendor


Royal Standard 12.00

Rubies and Ruffles

September Sun    

sieboldiana Elegans     12.00

Snowy Lake 12.00

Striptease 16.00  

Sum of All   

Sunset Grooves

T Rex 

tokudama flavocircinalis



White Feather  

Wide Brim 12.00 ltd



4X5 pot 12.00    exc. noted     square flats fit 16




Baby Booties  

Blue Mouse Ears 10.00    



Cherry Tart     

Chinese Sunrise    

Church Mouse 15.00      

Cracker  Crumbs      

Curly Fries       


Gemstone  10.00    

Gold Edger 10.00    

Hush Puppie 10.00   

Lakeside Downsized 10.00   

Kabitan  15.00     


Mighty Mouse 15.00  

Mini Skirt 15.00      

Munchkin Fire  

Pandora’s Box    

School Mouse 15.00    

Trifecta 10.00      


Tears of Joy       

Tick Tock        

Tongue Twister           

venusta 10.00     

Twist of Lime 10.00        



Fargesia murielae #5   75.00     ltd



GRASSES # 1  12.00 unless noted

Chasmanthium latifolia

Calamagrostis brachytricha

Carex   Evergold 10.00 

             testacea 10.00

             divulsa (aka tumulicola)     

             elata Bowles Gold      


             muskingumensis Ice Fountain    m. Oehme   m. Watchtower

Deschampsia caespitosa 10.00       D.c. Goldgehaenge

Elymus glauca 10.00

Equisetum scirpoides  4x5 pot  9.00

Hakonechloa ltd       

             All Gold     Beni Kaze      macra      Nicolas                            

Imperata Red Baron 

Koeleria glauca  ltd

Miscanthus #1  Adagio     Gracillimus       Fire Dragon

          Dixieland     Flamingo     Morning Light     Strictus        

           Variegata     Yakujima      also Yakujima #3  20.00

Molinia   Moorflamme     Variegata      Skyracer       

Panicum    Heavy Metal     Northwind     Prairie Sky  


Pennisetum 10.00   Hameln      Little Bunny

                     12.00   orientale     Burgundy Bunny                  

Pleioblastus viridistriata #2  20.00 ltd

Sesleria   autumnalis      caerulea        

Yucca Color Guard   #3 25.00     


EPIMEDIUMS     Among the largest selections in North America

Unless noted 4x5 pot – fit 16 per square flat  - some varieties are also be listed in #1 pots, 8 per flat   

     The 4x5 pot strikes an ideal balance between garden readiness and affordability. 

     If a variety isn’t listed, don’t be afraid to ask – we have some unlisted varieties

All are nice – we choose the best so you’ll succeed!

Price 15.00  in the 4x5 “quart” pot unless otherwise indicated


affinity wushanense ‘Salted Caramel’  18.00    

After Midnight

Amber Queen 18.00

Asiatic Hybrid  18.000   

cantabrigiense  12.00

cantabrigiense Red form

colchicum  12.00      also #1 15.00



Domino  18.00  


fargesii Pink Constellation  18.00    

Flamingo Dancer


Frohnleiten 12.00        also #1 15.00

grandiflorum Bronze Maiden  18.00

gr Chocolate Lace

gr.First Kiss

gr. higoense      

gr. hig. Bandit 16.00      

gr Mizuhomaru 

gr Nanum                             

gr Purple Prince  

gr. Queen Esta   

gr Red Queen   

gr Spring Wedding         

gr. Waterfall  16.00

gr Yellow Princess    

gr Yubae   aka Rose Queen




myrianthum  18.00

myrianthum Mottled Madness  #1  20.00

Orange Queen

Pink Champagne  #1  20.00

pinnatum ssp colchicum 12.00    also #1 15.00

pubescens #1 18.00

pubigerum  12.00

rubrum  10.00   also #1  15.00

sagitatum   16.00

sempervirens Mars 

semp. Okuda’s White

semp White Purity    

Spine Tingler #1 20.00  

Sulphureum  10.00      also #1 12.00


Warleyense 12.00

wushanense Spiny Leaf form  18.00

x omeiense Stormcloud  18,00

x perralchicum Frohnleiten  12.00  also #1 15.00

x setosum

x versicolor

x versicolor Cherry Tart 

x versi Cupreum    

x versi Sulphureum 10.00        also  #1 12.00

x  youngianum Akebono  12.00

x y. Milky Way

x y. Purple Heart

x y. Roseum 12.00

x y. Ruby Tuesday

x y. Little Shield  

x y. Marchakos Sprite

x y. Yenomoto 12.00