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Open Garden Days
Open to the public only on these dates!


Our 2022 Open Garden events will take place as scheduled below.  To verify any changes, you may visit this page before visiting.

Mowed garden paths will be open.  We will have some awesome plants for sale!  

Because Covid cases are possible among the vaccinated and unvaccinated, out of respect for the community as a whole we will implement the following Covid safeguards:

1) Masks are optional but encouraged.

2) 6' social distancing between groups must be respected, as other people may be at increased risk from Covid.

3) There is no restroom access.

4) Parking safeguards need to be respected.  Please park on the road shoulder well away from the Bond Rd. intersection and leave a clear wide access for through traffic.

We appreciate your patronage and wish you well while this period of unprecedented uncertainty continues.  Our hearts go out to all those affected in greater or lesser measure by the Coronavirus situation.  Gardening offers a "safe space" and we hope to support everyone's well being. 


Nils Sundquist was a gardener first and a nurseryman by extension, and he believes no nursery is complete without gardens.  Sundquist Nursery's location is unique in that it allows very different gardens, ranging from damp and shady to dry and sunny, and from pastoral to semi-formal, all within a short walk of each other.  This allows Nils to garden rather wantonly.  He's taking full advantage of the opportunity!

Sundquist Nursery opens the gardens to the public several times annually.  With the exception of occasional openings for organized groups, these dates are the only times we are open to the public.  

We do not seek donations.  We sell plants on our open days to defray the cost of maintaining the gardens.  If you visit, you'll find plants that we don't offer in any other venue, and often outstanding, sought-after plants that are nearly impossible to get anywhere else.  All of our plants are well grown to garden-ready sizes. 

People may submit plant lists at any time for availability and pricing.   By arrangement, we can have pre-orders pulled and ready for your approval. 

map & directions   


2022 Open Garden Days    -    9:30am - 3:00pm




Friday + Saturday April 15 - 16  Daffodil Rave!

   For sale: New and favorite epimediums, hepatica, trillium, anemonella, and much more!  

   In the gardens: spring ephemerals and awesome emerging foliage!  

   In the pasture: thousands of daffodils!






May 6 - 7  Friday + Saturday – Spring Feverish!

For sale: Sought after perennials & shrubs including many compact forms & unusual varieties!

In the gardens: perennials & shrubs in bloom or showing off colorful new growth!




Japanese Holly Fern










June 3 - 4   Friday + Saturday - Frolicking Ferns & Flowering Friends!

 For sale are scores of ferns and choice perennial companions in garden-ready sizes.  Frondophile Shangri La!  All this at a great time for livening up the summer border!

In the garden: Mature ferns and their carefree blooming garden friends serve up inspiration for summer foliage and flowers.  Come start a summer fling! 






September 16-17   Friday + Saturday – Fall Gone Crazy!

Fall-blooming and colorful perennials, grasses, and shrubs, including winter interest!  

In the gardens: The incredible meadow border & unusual trees and shrubs in fall glory! 


map & directions