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Hardy ferns create a natural, almost tropical impact with a minimum of work.  Combined with their ease of care, ferns' primitive elegance over a long season - often year-round - makes them ideal for gardens or pots where efficient effort and an awesome presentation are what you need.   Ferns can be combined for wonderful effects with virtually any plants.  They are at once the feather boa and the power suit for any garden.


Sundquist Nursery offers a spectrum of ferns ranging from polite low groundcovers to explosive vertical statements.  Many are evergreen and need only be spiffed up as winter ends to keep their good looks practically year round.  Others are deciduous and offer fabulous highlights as they emerge or change color and form over the season.  We produce many ferns in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of commercial projects or large gardens.  Some of our ferns enjoy having wet feet.  On occasion, we offer xeric (drought tolerant) ferns for troughs or rockeries.  Sundquist Nursery is one of few nurseries nationwide producing a number of select ferns.  



In contrast to the starter plants in little pots offered by many nurseries looking for a quick turn, our ferns spend a growing season filling larger pots before we offer them as lush plants.  Sundquist Nursery specializes in garden-ready sizes.  Only dwarf types are offered in smaller than "1 gallon" containers.  Some kinds are available in "2 gallon" or larger sizes.  You can always spot our ferns at a garden center because they are different or bigger.  And because Sundquist Nursery ferns are grown without added heat, they transition into your landscape without skipping a beat. 

Woodwardia unigemmataTassel fern