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Bodacious, anyone?




Whether you seek huge leaves for your garden, or powder blue leaves, or huge powder blue leaves, or wildly variegated leaves, or gold leaves, or red stems, or gold leaves with red stems, or boldly corrugated leaves, or the newest miniature accent for a decorator pot on your deck - Sundquist Nursery has a hosta that does what you want.  





Hostas are the pastries of the perennial plant world.  There are three problems with hostas: deer, slugs, and so many kinds to choose from.  Ultimately, deer repellants will get you so far, and hostas want to be physically separated from Bambi.  Slugs can be defeated with baits or copper barriers (especially useful in containers), and most importantly by focusing on slug resistant varieties with thicker leaves and good vigor.  We specialize in slug resistant hostas.  Slug resistance also increases each year as plants become stronger. Where the huge selection of hosta flavors is concerned,  we risk sliding into addiction.  Nils works to select awesome reliable varieties with exceptional qualities in our Northwest gardens, while avoiding redundancy or overhyped or inferior plants.      



As the picture shows, Sundquist Nursery hostas are typically older and bigger than the "rush job" plants offered by many nurseries.  In the case of the 'Hadspen Blue' plants in the photo, the price difference between theirs and ours was 10% more for ours.  Which would you get?