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Perennials for bright spots




Where to begin, and where to end?  There's a universe of perennials, but only so much space! Sundquist Nursery grows a colorful range for use as bright exclamation points or big bold sweeps in today's low-care settings.  There's something new, something old, something bright, and something blue...



The focus here is on a long season of interest, hardiness, manageability, and reliability.  When cutting-edge plantsman Dan Hinkley shopped here for a client, he observed how he hadn't used some of our plants in years.  But there's a reason why he was shopping here.  Many of the plants we grow keep showing up in his and other cutting-edge gardens.  

There are gardeners in unique climate zonal worlds of their own, or gardeners who can go to great lengths to raise plants that struggle for many others.  And then there are passionate gardeners who want to know their plants will actually grow if they put them in a good spot and take decent care of them... passionate gardeners who appreciate the beauty of plants whether in an estate border or a deck planter. Sundquist Nursery always has something new.  But flirting with garden failure isn't what we're about.  Nils seeks out the new while emphasizing thrilling color and foliage impact with varieties known for being successful and reliable.  Our plants grow!



Some of the perennials at Sundquist Nursery originate where Nils grew up in New England.  He loves plants that call in the butterflies and hummingbirds.  Great plants come from wherever you find them.  Our rainbow nation of perennials comes from every continent except the home of the penguins.  Sundquist Nursery offers varieties that can be difficult to source such as blackleaf Actaea (Cimicifuga), Baptisia, Sanguisorba, or hardy white callas (Zantedeschia aethiopica).  We have some of the best new perennials.  We like it when plants are reliable.  Our new and heirloom selections are worthwhile because they're beautiful and grow!