Garden Show Plants!

 Return of the awesome plants!  Each February, we offer unusual, hard-to-find varieties at Seattle's Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  These shows are an excellent chance to shove winter aside, kick off your garden season, and get bargain prices on wonderful plants that are

1)  outstanding new introductions or rare heirlooms,

2)  in high demand and limited supply, or

3)  hardly ever available at all!

We offer scores of choice varieties in clean, easy-to-carry packages.

 Visit Sundquist Nursery for terrific plants not found at your local nursery, but that are gorgeous and grow!



      Feb. 7-11, 2018 - Seattle Northwest Flower and Garden Show booth 2144


This year we offer new varieties for reliability and a different look in your garden or pots!  Many plants are widely marketed with little attention to how well they grow in the Pacific NW.  Our focus is on varieties with demonstrated ability to grow here.  A super way to gauge Pacific NW performance is to go with plants selected as Great Plant Picks.  We'll have about two dozen of them.  Other excellent widely adapted plants we offer are Perennial Plants of the Year and Hostas of the Year.  Some super plants for our area are British Award of Garden Merit winners.  Plantsman Nils Sundquist trials plants in the nursery gardens and has the experience to select the best with an eye to great plants that grow easily and well.  Many of our varieties are new to commerce and simply haven't won their awards yet.  When you shop at Sundquist Nursery, you can find what's new and what's tried and true, and choose plants with confidence.  A great value for the money, our plants are often larger than those sold by others - if you can find them at all!  Varieties are typically grown here for at least a year (often two to five years) before we offer them. 


'Gold Heart'  bleeding heart

Easy-to-carry bare root plants at the thriftiest prices!



Spend $75 or more, receive a free designer Hosta (our selection), a gorgeous and durable performer - and a $12 value!  This free plant is our gift to you for a happy successful garden!  



Here are a few highlights of what we'll have at this year's February shows!





Robinson's blue woodland anemone  


Ruffled Swan  perpetual Anemone


Do you want easy to grow but uncommon flowers to light up your garden?    We're offering smile-inducing woodland Anemones featuring weeks of spring blooms in any partly shaded space with good soil.


For summer and fall you can't beat versatile new 'Ruffled Swan' Anemone for a perpetual display of graceful bicolor blooms, also wonderful cut!




'First Blush' redleaf Hosta

Hosta 'Orange Marmalade'


Do you want to add awesome foliage?

Discover a super selection of reliable shade plants, including incredible hostas - new ones, blue, giant, giant blue, miniature, unusual colors, and even dusky red leafed 'First Blush - newly introduced as the first red-leafed hosta!






Hosta 'Kingsize' - leaves the size of skunk cabbage!




Alexander's Great Brunnera

Hosta 'Kingsize' is a faster garden grower than 'Empress Wu' and is now widely recognized as the largest hosta ever - with leaves the size of skunk cabbage!




Alexander's Great Brunnera is a bulletproof and formidable companion who doesn't need much attention but creates a whole lot of commotion among hostas and ferns.





Bletilla striata white hardy orchid

 Red Goblet - Trillium sessile



Do you love a natural flair?  We offer gems like hardy orchids, including rare white Bletilla, plus Trilliums - all nursery grown in our coldframes! 









Yellow Merrybells


Epimedium grandiflorum 'Yubae'


Other plants for some shade include a selection of outstanding  Epimediums offering lovely blooms and fun foliage, including seldom available rose red 'Yubae' and sought after, hard to find 'Black Sea'.  

Are you into something different that very few of your gardening friends have?  Glom onto Disporum flavens, the brightest yellow merrybells. Your shade garden will be happier for it!






Millenium globe onion - 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year


Got sun?!

'Coral Breakers' poker plant  

We offer flowers that lure butterflies and hummingbirds, including Millenium globe onion  - longblooming, reliable, and the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year! 


Or get swept away by Coral Breakers poker plant, with tall towers of extraordinary pastel blooms over blue foliage!

The hummingbirds won't know where to begin.  






'Eos' goldleaf Geum  

'Mai Tai'  geum




Gorgeous 'Eos' Geum is an easily grown outrageous combination of orange blooms over brilliant gold leaves. 


The blooms of 'Mai Tai' Geum will leave you intoxicated by their peachy pink color.  It's the best kind of rush!







'Neptune's Gold' sea holly

'Blue Sunrise' Geranium


Do you want the summertime blues?    There ain't no cure for them, and you can get them here!  'Midnight Blue' Agapanthus is a Northwest favorite - one of the most spectacular and hardy.


Do you want to combine beautiful flowers and foliage? 'Neptune's Gold' sea holly will stun you.  It's really a Swedish flag with chlorophyll.







'Green Envy' coneflower


Butterfly Rainbow Marcella  coneflowwer



Is the universe of coneflowers confusing?  We offer the best peformers for Northwest gardens.  

'Butterfly Rainbow Marcella' and 'Green Envy' are two longblooming varieties whose flowers you'll want to steal from the butterflies.








'Bright Eyes'  fragrant phlox'Blue Glow'  globe thistle




Want cooler colors?  You can pick softer colors for sun, too, like designer globe thistles or lusciously fragrant phlox.  Both give up wonderful cut flowers and are easy to care for.  

Just stay out of the butterflies' way!







'Spitfire' Crocosmia


'Salsa'  compact Helenium





Or do you want it hotter?  Who can resist compact and polite 'Salsa' Helenium or 'Spitfire' Crocosmia?  The hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees know what's good for them!  Take some inside for gratifying bouquets!







native Clumbia lily

pink Pacific native  Erythronium


Do you cherish native plants?  Come discover sweet native perennials like Columbia turk's cap lily, true blue camas, colorful columbine, shooting star, Erythronium, and lots more natural garden selections.



   Come find a huge range of easy-care, colorful perennials for shady or bright gardens.  You can choose from over a hundred varieties, many of which we're offering for the first time, as well as classic but hard-to-find heirlooms.  All locally grown.                                                                       




Where the salamanders roam free

Do you long for contentment in spite of everything that's going on in your life?  I know, I know, who doesn't?  Gardening in your yard or containers is one of the most reassuring, healthful, thrifty ways to dial things back, decompress, connect with nature, stay grounded, treat yourself, create beauty, refresh, and stay positive! We offer the best of the new and the old - the most beautiful, reliable varieties for your containers, gardens, and bouquets.  Don't wait - plant and enjoy!  Butterflies and hummingbirds will visit you for free.  These are just a few of our favorite plants, grown where the salamanders roam free.  

Satisfy your plant lust without performance anxiety.  Find us at the garden show!